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Years ago we adapted some marketing concepts created by Proctor & Gamble, PepsiCO and Citigroup to help people find jobs. Over a million people used those ideas. Now, our concepts have been expanded into a one-of-a-kind source of information. Our system can help people move up in any field, and do it in an easier and faster way. It took our partners years of work to develop, but it can work for people from $60K to $500K.

However, there are some challenges. To do it right, you’ll have to set aside old job hunting ideas, follow our system and keep an open mind. However, do this, and instead of traditional job hunting, you can search with new ideas, new ways to get interviews, new style resumes, new power letters, new concepts for interviewing and more. Combined, these things can minimize the stress, worry and time consuming part of job hunting.

Today, the reality of old methods is that they rarely produce. As a result, many still spend months answering ads, filling in tracking forms, or chasing the wrong leads. But, this does not have to be the case. Now, our system can eliminate the majority of your wasted time. And, you’ll benefit from knowing how to get greater market exposure.

20 Ways We Can Make Job Hunting Easier.


First, know the market.

You must find enough good jobs you qualify for; have excellent written presentations, and be skilled at interviewing. Our insights on all of these matters is critical.

2—Follow a game plan for searching.

From our dozens of ways to get interviews, just our guidelines.

3—Copy from our new style resumes.

We have a remarkable collection of world class resumes.

4—Using multiple resumes.

Did you know that using several different resumes brings greater interviews?

5—Adapt one of our biographies.

They create the greatest value for executives— and work worldwide.

6—Adapt our letters.

We give you dozens of sample letters to use for all situations. The time saved is critical.

7—Overcome your liabilities.

No degree or too specialized? We give you dozens of solutions for any concerns.

8—Handle unemployment right.

Losing a job causes anxiety and fear. Our system gives you a complete track.

9—Can you solve age concerns?

At 40 or older age can be a problem. New approaches are essential.

10—Can you change industries?

Selling the right skills along with smart marketing are key.


Get interviews with direct mail.

You have to understand timing, getting past gatekeepers, the right size for mailings, reaching the right people and following up.

12—Be sharp w/ recruiters.

How to make contact, how many, and how to do power interviews.

13—Need to turn around poor references?

We can show you how to handle them...short or longer term.

14—Using new ways to answer ads.

We give you 10 alternatives for better results.

15—Do faster networking.

Our system is fast—even for those with relatively few connections.

16—Getting leads to private jobs.

Many people are lost here, but there are ways to make this much easier.

17—Be great on the phone.

Millions using cell phones are good at engagingover phone.

18—Work your possible references.

Always remember, when others speak well about you, it really counts!

19—Learn how to read personalities.

Employers favor those like themselves.


Lift your skill at interviewing.

Lift your skill at interviewing. Be top 5% in your income range. Build chemistry, charisma and likability. Master video interviews. Adjust your personality to close offers. Learn how to sell leadership. Learn how to get signing bonuses.

Our online system... The New Science of Job Hunting— is highly affordable, and can be mastered quickly. The result of years of work, the following 3 pages explain how our system works, and what each person gets.

1ST... You’ll Get Our 60 Audios— At 4 Minutes Each.

Getting Interviews
  • 01 About our new science
  • 02 Mistakes millions make.
  • 03 Mastering the job market.
  • 04 Raising marketability.
  • 05 Best ways to answer ads.
  • 06 Find leads to private jobs.
  • 07 Using recruiters right.
  • 08 Easier networking ideas.
  • 09 How to change industries
  • 10 Growth industries & you.
  • 11 How to do direct mail right.
  • 12 Phone power that works.
  • 13 Creating your own job.
  • 14 The top Internet job sites.

  • 15 Your game plan.
  • 16 Searching long distance.
  • 17 Exploring international.
  • 18 The 10 job hunting myths.
  • 19 Surpassing superstars.
  • 20 Your privacy & destiny.
Resumes & letters
  • 21 Key resume mistakes.
  • 22 New style resumes.
  • 23 Using several resumes.
  • 24 Selling your key skills.
  • 25 The power of biographies.
  • 26 Contemporary resumes.
  • 27 Major letter mistakes.

  • 28 Why letters are critical.
  • 29 Key situations for letters.
Interview Competition.
  • 36 Interviewing essentials.
  • 37 Raising your likability.
  • 38 Managing references.
  • 39 How to be great at videos.
  • 40 Handle any objection.
  • 41 Building more charisma.
  • 42 Selling skills with stories.
  • 43 Selling leadership skills.
  • 44 Impressing sr. executives.
  • 45 Negotiating a higher offer.
  • 46 Factors to negotiate.
  • 47 Checking out employers.

  • 48 When a new job is a mistake.
Solutions To Issues.
  • 49 Handling unemployment.
  • 50 Overcoming age issues.
  • 51 No degree?
  • 52 Searching in secrecy.
  • 53 Handling poor references.
  • 54 Financing a search.
  • 55 48 hours to begin a search.
  • 56 Executive career changes.
  • 57 Building a will to succeed.
  • 58 The pros and cons of working from home.
  • 59 How to handle liabilities.
  • 60 Options for educators.

2ND... You’ll get our extraordinary new style resumes samples to copy.

...materials for large executive biographies ...the new contemporary resumes...special resumes for printing in color...resumes for setting up references...and for following up interviews and others.

3RD... You’ll get amazing letter samples to copy

...You’ll get samples for sending to employers... for sending large mailings...for sending to openings and leads... for networking acquaintences or alumni ...for sponsored letters to employers...for setting up references... for folllowing up interviews and others.

4TH... You’ll get new ideas for competing in interviews.

...and for handling all common issues.

5TH... You’ll get 32 special reports averaging 5 to 7 pages each.

  • 01 Setting the right goals.
  • 02 Job market facts vs. fiction.
  • 03 Job hunting in a recession.
  • 04 About marketing websites.
  • 05 Lifting your self esteem.
  • 06 Qualities of super women.
  • 07 Projecting the right image.
  • 08 Finding people to contact.

  • 09 Getting part time jobs.
  • 10 If a search starts slowly.
  • 11 Maximizing LinkedIn.
  • 12 Careers: $100-$500K.
  • 13 Options for ex-military.
  • 14 Response to high offers.
  • 15 Options for young staff.
  • 16 Careers after a family.

  • 17 Some get no activity.
  • 18 To many job changes?
  • 19 Advice for specialists.
  • 20 Advice for generalists.
  • 21 Photos for resumes.
  • 22 Key job sites.
  • 23 Wall St career options.
  • 24 Skills in demand.

  • 25 Popular occupations.
  • 26 U.S. growth firms.
  • 27 Too long in a firm?
  • 28 Ex-entrepreneur?
  • 29 Fixing a search.
  • 30 Retirement checklist.
  • 31 90 days in a new job.
  • 32 Time for a business?

6TH... You also get our 5 short books. They will put you way ahead of competition.

Our New Science of Job Hunting Course is $295 and is available worldwide.

Universities, military and firms doing outplacement are eligible for quantity savings. We’ve been a member of the BBB of Denver, Colorado for over 24 years and have an A+ rating.

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